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Gr LvlSubject FocusKit Title
11 & 12 Cultural Diversity All Together Now
7 to 12 Media literacy Behind the Headlines
7 and up Economics, Math, Business Bringing Economics to Life
7 to 10 Language arts, Geography, Marketplace, Finance, Entrepreneurship, International business Business Today
7 to 12 History, Civics, Politics, World Issues, and English Canada's Role in Global Conflicts
4 to 12 Language arts, Social sciences, Civics, English Character Development
3 to 12 Language arts, Math, Social studies, Science Art & Drama Comic Genius
7 to 12 Social Studies, Geography, Community, Politics. Community Unity
4 and up Developing awareness of values, behaviour, uniqueness, and expression. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
ESL 1-4 ESLESL Part 1
ESL 5-8 ESLESL Part 2
5 and up Social Studies, Community, Politics, Language Arts Ethics, Morals and Values
4 and up Space, Communication, Jobs, Environment, Energy, and Entertainment Fast Forward With Science
4 and up Issues of friendship, Dating, Peer Pressure, Grades, Sports, Drugs, Violence, Fashions Fitting In
5 to 10 Language, Math, Drama, Geography, Graphing, Poetry Go Raptors
4 to 12 Health, Physical Education, the Social Sciences, Mathematics, English, Food and Nutrition Health and Nutrition
7 to 10 Language, Geo, Graphing, Stats. History, Research It's Where You Live
5 to 8 Environment, Science, Critical thinking, pollution It's Your World
5 - 12 Social Studies, Ethics, Community, Cultural Diversity Live Without Hate
11 Workplace preparation, Interest Rates, Loans, Mortgages, Money, Wages (Ministry Course Code: MEL 3E credit value 1) Mathematics For Everyday Life (DBL)
4 to 6 Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills, Critical Thinking Newshounds
5 & 6 Reading, writing, math Newsy
9 to 12 Advertising News AD-Ventures
5 to 8 Social studies, History, Geography News Now
5 to 10 Drama, Music, Poetry, Visual Arts, Written Expression. Press Rehearsal
3 to 12 Creative writing, Art, Drama, Math, Music, Science, & Social studies That's Entertainment
5 to 10 Consumer ed. Reading, Writing, Listening skills, Social Science That's Life in the Big City
5 & 6 Sports, History, Math, Philosophy, Language, Geography The Game Plan
5 to 8 Language arts, Math, Geo. Art Time Out
7 to 10 Charts, Maps, Stats, Graphs Unlimited Borders
5 to 8 Weather Weather Watch
Gr 4 and up Language arts, math, social studies, and scienceWorkshop NIE Style
Adult ESL Adult ESL/LINC, CLB benchmarks 1-8 What's In The News (DBL)
5 to 8 Diversity, Language, Observation, Research, Winternational
7 to 8 Careers, Critical thinking, Language, Social Sc. You're Hired
7 to 12 Math, Language, Graphing, Research, Writing, Computer Skills Stock Market Math